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What will we find up there on other planets?

Once upon a time, Nino and Lilli, two squirrels ready to do anything to eat hazelnuts, and ready to do even more for super hazelnuts. And apparently there are indeed super hazelnuts up there on other planets. Why should they carry on dreaming when they can go and get them?

Hazelnuts is a story of greediness. Two squirrels ready to do anything to eat super hazelnuts. It is also a story of planets, those who are way up in space.  If at first the connection between the two is not obvious, for Lilli it certainly is.

Travel with them to discover the cosmos, on a quest for the best hazelnuts in the universe.



27 min

30 fps

7-12 year


Hazelnuts - In Search of the Perfect Planet

Suitable for

5+ children


25 min


3D Emotion / Mediastro Promotion


Ecology - Squirrels - Planets - Habitable Zone - Earth - Humor - Stunt


English, Czech, French, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin)

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Life and astronomy explained to young children

Hazelnuts is written for young children, aged 5 upwards, using a format specially designed for that age group: visual gags, a format inspired by puppet theatre, and astronomical concepts which have been adapted to their level of understanding. By introducing the planets of our solar system from the point of view of life, Hazelnuts tells the story of conditions of life on Earth. This allows us to broach several subjects: inhabitable zones, the essential role of the atmosphere, and even the different stages of the creation of planet Earth.


4k to 8k




Let’s meet the characters

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The intrepid squirrel Nino loves two things in life: teasing his sister all day long, and eating hazelnuts insatiably. He loves those nuts so much that he dreams of always having more, so much so that he ends up by convincing himself that one day he will find some on other planets.


His younger sister, who may look more sensible, is in fact first in line when it comes to mischief. She is much calmer than Nino, but equally determined. She dreams of super hazelnuts too! But don’t let’s blame our two squirrels. After all, if their voracious appetite makes them interested in astronomy… let’s leave them to it.


Leon sleeps during the daytime and lives at night. That’s normal: he’s an owl.  But not just any old owl, he is an astronomer owl. Every night he looks at the starts with his telescope. And that is an opportunity for our squirrels and for us too, to learn from his astronomical knowledge. Let’s go into his house and observe the cosmos with him.





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all you need to know about Hazelnuts

Download our presentation booklet

and find out every information about the show. technical specifications sheet, characters presentation, scenery making, scientific approach, etc.

Commercial documentation

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Also download our magazine

A magazine with games and new discoveries, available on demand.


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A new animation technique

So as to resemble a puppet show, we have developed an original animation technique. Our characters’ movements have been captured in real time in virtual reality. Our marionettists were directly immersed in the 3D scene via the VR headset, whilst they worked the character using Oculus pads, which functioned in the same way as marionette rods.

graphic identity

With hand-painted light,
soft warm colours,
textures revealing brush strokes

A 3D Emotion / Mediastro Promotion co-production

3D Emotion (director / co-producer)

Created in September 2001 by Vincent Arrouy and Stéphane Bertrand, the 3D émotion studio began producing shows for planetariums in 2005 with The Race to Earth. Since then, six other films have been produced, including Polaris and Lucia, both international successes. With GranPa and Zoe, and now, Hazelnuts, the studio is once again introducing endearing characters and lively adventures on a background of space discovery.

Mediastro Promotion (co-producer)

Mediastro Promotion is an association whose aim is to promote a maximum of scientific discoveries through the medium of shows. With Polaris and Lucia, Grandpa & Zoé, and now Hazelnuts. Mediastro Promotion is offering planetariums top quality full dome shows, where science is promoted through action, for the enjoyment of spectators of all ages.

4k to 8k

This is the first time a show of this kind is on offer to planetariums. It was a new challenge for us, and we are proud to have stepped up to meet it. We offer our film in a final 8k stereoscopic version.


Hi-res sky

Try out relief to give depth and immersivity to the production.